Welcome to Little Mary and Jane
Welcome to Little Mary and Jane
Take Care of You


Take care
of you

Whether you enjoy dry herb or concentrates
and oils, we have curated products from
some of the leading brands on the market.

Feel Amazing! Restore your mind and body
with our full line of CBD products.

New to Cannabis? Get Educated and learn all of the benefits of cannabis.

New to Cannabis? Women and Cannabis have a long history together.

Beginners Guide to Cannabis

Intro to Cannabis

Learn all about the history, biology and spiritual uses of this ancient plant.

Ways to Use Cannabis

Just as there are countless strains of cannabis, there are many ways to ingest the plant for its effects. Check out our outline of some of the most common methods available.

Shopping Tips

'Whether you are jumping on the cannabis train for the first time or are a lifetime connoisseur, its important to find strains that work well with your individual body. Finding the strain that is right for you is crucial in order to give you the best cannabis experience possible.

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